Aug 07 2020

Apples are growing

The apples are growing and getting bigger each day.

Discovery and Katy apples, the early varieties, their skins are changing over to red and they are starting to ripen, which is earlier to the last couple of years, because we had an earlier Spring with a warm April and May.

The Discovery apples, when ripe has red skin with  pink flesh while the Katy has a deep red skin and cream flesh. These will the first varieties we will make into juice.

Worcester Pearmain will follow, has a red skin, crisp, sweet, cream flesh and this apple will keep longer than the Katy and Discovery.

The other varieties  e.g Cox’s Orange Pippin, Lord Lambourne, Greensleevse,  Bramley’s seedling  plus other varieties, will be made into apple juice as they ripen in the coming months.

We have apple juice available, have a look on the varieties page where there is a list of the different varieties.

Each variety of apple  has it’s own flavour and sweetness  that we have captured in it’s juice.