Apr 18 2016

April 2016 Spring is here

Spring has arrived, with the cowslips, bluebells and Tulips are all flowering now. We have had some wet weather with a mixture of dry weather. Our ground is quite wet in places as the ground hasn’t had time to dry before the next lot of rain comes. We are having some slight frosts at nights.

The buds on some of the varieties of apples are just starting to move and eventually the flowers will open out to get pollinated to form the apples we need to make our tasty apple juice in the Autumn.

The pear trees and plums are coming into blossom, they are always a little earlier than the apple blossom.  We are hoping the apples will have a good growing season, we just have to wait and see.

In the fields as you travel around, the oilseed rape are showing there bright yellow flowers, and the other arable crops are starting to grow as the weather is getting warmer.

Have a look on our varieties page to see what apple juice we have in stock.