Nov 07 2017

Autumn Season 2017

Here at Jus, we have been busy making the different varieties into delicious apple juice, as the apples ripen on the trees.

We make the apple juice when the apples are ripe and of full of their natural flavour so we can drink and taste that apple variety all year round.

It have been an earlier season this year, to the last two years, as we had a earlier Spring this year.

The weather has kept mild and mostly dry which makes the hand- picking of the apples much easier.

The trees have done their work for this season in producing the apples.  Now the leaves are changing colour from green to different colourful shades of yellows, golds and browns as they die back and fall off the trees to leave just the branches so the trees will now have a rest until next Spring to produce apples again.

Some of the varieties  of apples we have  are Discovery, Worcester Pearmain, Gala, Jonagold. Egremont Russet, Lord Lambourne to name a few. A full list is on the Varieties page.