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Oct 07 2019

Harvesting and juicing this seasons apples

The apples are ripe on the trees and we have been picking the apples, as each variety ripens on the trees. Once the apples have been gently hand picked off the trees, they are then milled, pressed, and the juice bottled and pasteurised to capture the delicious flavour of the apple variety. We have done …

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May 02 2019

Spring Season.

After the winter the apple trees are waking up with the colourful pink buds emerging on the branches and bursting into flowers that is called blossom. The blossom is the next stage from the bud to the apples being formed on the trees. It is a  wonderful time of year when all the plants, trees …

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Feb 18 2019

Winter Season

The winter months are going by and the daylight is increasing each week. At the moment we are having a spell of mild dry weather. The apple trees are at present being pruned,  which we do every winter when the trees are dormant.   The bigger branches are taken out of the trees to encourage new …

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Nov 29 2018

End of Autumn

All of our apples have been picked off the trees and been made into apple juices. The last varieties we have made are the  Gala , Jonagold, Bramley’s Seedling, Braeburn, and Cox’s Orange Pippin. The  different apples varieties have produced us with full flavour tasting apple juices. Each apple variety has it’s own unique flavour, …

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Oct 25 2018

Juicing of the apples

The season is going well with the making of apple juice. The late varieties are being hand picked off the trees which are Bramley’s Seedling, Jonagold, Braeburn etc.The apples will be pressed to get the juice and then bottled and pasteurised so you can enjoy the full flavour of the apple variety as a juice …

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Sep 22 2018

Apple juicing season has started.

Here are Jus, we have been busy hand picking and juicing the early varieties of apples as they ripen. The varieties we have processed so far is the Discovery, Katy, Worcester Pearmain and Tom Putt. In the next couple of weeks we will be making the Greensleeves and Lord Lambourne apple juices. The apples are …

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Jul 10 2018

Summer Season

We are having summer weather, hot, sunny and very dry. The apples are growing on the trees, with the roots deeper in the ground, are taking up the moisture that is still there at the moment. The ground in is very dry on top  and the grass is very slowly growing, less mowing to do. …

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Apr 23 2018

Spring 2018

The days are drawing out now and with this warmer weather, the apple trees are starting to wake up from the winter.  The pruning of the trees has now finished. The buds on the trees are starting to grow to produce the blossom and the leaves.  The blossom is the flowers and these will hopefully …

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Jan 24 2018

Winter Season 2018

The winter season is really here with a mixture of snow, rain, frost and a bit of sunshine.  The apple trees look beautiful when they are covered in white snow. At this time of year we go around each tree and prune the trees by cutting out old branches to encourage new growth, also to …

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Nov 07 2017

Autumn Season 2017

Here at Jus, we have been busy making the different varieties into delicious apple juice, as the apples ripen on the trees. We make the apple juice when the apples are ripe and of full of their natural flavour so we can drink and taste that apple variety all year round. It have been an …

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