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Apr 18 2016

April 2016 Spring is here

Spring has arrived, with the cowslips, bluebells and Tulips are all flowering now. We have had some wet weather with a mixture of dry weather. Our ground is quite wet in places as the ground hasn’t had time to dry before the next lot of rain comes. We are having some slight frosts at nights. …

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Jan 19 2016

January 2016

We wish you all a Very Happy New Year. Well December and beginning of January was a very unusual mild month which was lovely for us. The apple trees how ever would like to have it colder below 7 degree Celsius  so they can rest over the winter months  and then have more energy in …

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Oct 31 2015

Autumn 2015

We have been busy  hand picking the apples off the trees as they ripened. The later varieties are being picked now ready to make the apple juice which are the Bramley’s Seedling and Jonagold. We are having a good season making the apple juice with the apples varieties providing plenty of flavour. This very welcome …

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Jul 15 2015

Summer 2015

The summer is here and the growing of the apples are in full swing. The grass around the trees has slowed up growing as we haven’t had much rain so the mower isn’t working as much to the beginning of the season.  The apples trees need some sunshine to get the flavour in the apples …

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Apr 27 2015

Spring 2015

We have just had some welcome warm, sunny,  dry  weather over the last three weeks.  As we are heading towards the end of April the weather is just starting to change to get cooler and wet or back to weather normally is for this time of year. Some of the apple trees are coming out …

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Jan 21 2015

Winter 2015 Season

Happy New Year to you all. The winter has started off feeling mild and we have just had a few days of frost and a light covering of snow which has all gone. This the time of year the apple trees have lost their leaves and the trees are dormant ( having a rest ). …

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Jul 02 2014

Summer Season 2014

After the colourful blossom on the apple trees the apples are formed and with each day they are growing bigger.  The apples are more easier to see on the trees  through the leaves, as they are growing and getting bigger. We have a nice crop of apples on all the different varieties of apple we …

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May 10 2014

Spring season 2014

Spring has arrived with the apple trees in lovely  blossom.  The blossom starts to grow with pink tips showing that grow into pink buds before they open out into light pink and white flowers. We then hope that the blossom will set  to produce the lovely apples to make our juice. The grass has started …

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Feb 18 2014

Winter 2014

We are having a different winter this time with rain, rain, winds and even more rain. It will be no surprise to say that the orchards and fields are very squelchy when you walk through them.  The plus to this winter is that it is fairly mild so we aren’t suffering from cold hands and …

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Jun 19 2013

Summer Season 2013

 The grass is growing between the trees later than normal because of the cold spring but now it is keeping the mower busy. We had a good show of  blossom this year with some varieties having more blossom than other,  the trees are fully in leaf now so all green to look at. The apples are forming and …

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