Jul 18 2016

July 2016 Summer Season

I’am writing this today which they are forecasting the hottest day so far which could be 26 + degrees centigrade. Summer has arrived, how long will it last !!!

The early part of summer has been a mixed bag with very heavy thunder downpours that put down a lot of rain in a short time causing flooding, and days with dull clouds with some sunny spells.

The apple trees are looking well in full leaf and the apples are growing bigger and are getting easier to see now. Hopefully the weather give us what we need to get the flavour into the apples so we can made some more delicious apple juice when the apples ripen in couple months time.

We have most of the varieties in stock with a few varieties sold out, please have a look on the varieties page. The varieties we have sold out of, we will be making more of those varieties when they have ripen and ready to press in the Autumn.