Apr 23 2018

Spring 2018

The days are drawing out now and with this warmer weather, the apple trees are starting to wake up from the winter.  The pruning of the trees has now finished. The buds on the trees are starting to grow to produce the blossom and the leaves.  The blossom is the flowers and these will hopefully be pollinated to produce apples. The trees will blossom at different times depending on the variety of apple over the next few weeks.  The other tasks is mowing the grass that grows in between the rows of trees.

On the varieties page there is a list of the varieties we produce and what is available,  we make the apple juice when the apples are ready to be picked off the trees in the autumn to capture their natural flavour and sweetness of the individual variety.

Jus will be attending events this year where you will be able to taste and buy our apple juice, for more information have a look on the events page.