Apr 14 2020

Spring and Coronavirus.

Spring has arrived with the daylight getting longer and temperatures rising.  I have been out to the orchards this morning and the apple trees are starting to wake up with the buds starting to grow.  The Greensleeves and Katy apple trees are in blossom, the Discovery and Worcester Pearmain apple trees are in bud which are coloured pink before they open out to pink and white flowers where we hope pollination will take place for apples to form. The mower has been out to cut the grass that grows between the trees.


We at Jus are hoping you are keeping safe and well during this Coronavirus Lockdown.  We are continuing to supplying a few local  Farm Shops, Village Stores and Greengrocers with our apple juice.

We also provide a mail order service where our apple juice is delivered to you by Courier, for more information  go to our contact page to either send an email or for our telephone number.

We are taking all the necessary precautions and minimising contact.