Varieties of Apple Currently Available

(updated regularly)

Below is a list of  the varieties of apples  which we  make into apple juice. We press the Single Variety Apples when the apples are in season. It is just the natural sugar in the apple to give its sweetness and each variety has its own flavour.  Also the season effects availability and flavour from year to year, and may vary a little.

The only ingredient that is added to the apple juice is Ascorbic Acid ( vitamin C ).

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Variety of Apple Juice Season Type of Apple Sweetness Availability Bottle Size
Bramley (tree-ripened) Late Dual purpose Dry AVAILABLE   750 ml
Braeburn Late Dessert Medium  AVAILABLE   750 ml
Cox’s Orange Pippin Mid/Late Dessert Medium  AVAILABLE   750 ml  & 250 ml
Discovery Early Dessert Medium  AVAILABLE   750 ml
Gala Mid Dessert Medium AVAILABLE   750 ml
Greensleeves Early Dessert Medium AVAILABLE   750 ml
Jonagold Mid/late Dessert Medium AVAILABLE   750 ml   &. 250 ml
 Katy Early Dessert Medium AVAILABLE   75 0ml   &  250 ml
Laxton’s Superb Mid Dessert Medium AVAILABLE   750 ml
Lord Lamborne Mid Dessert Medium AVAILABLE   750 ml
Tom Putt Mid Triple Purpose Medium AVAILABLE   750 ml
Egremont Russet Mid/Late Dessert Sweet AVAILABLE   750 ml
Worcester Pearmain  Early  Dessert Sweet AVAILABLE   750 ml   & 250 ml